Visual Merchandising Tips for the Summer Season

sale-686361_960_720There’s no better time than the start of new season to update your store’s visual design. June 20th marks the official beginning of summer, a time during which many children will be out of school while adults get to take off work for vacation. Retailers can use to their advantage by creating attractive visual merchandising displays that encourage shoppers to buy their products.

Warm Colors

We’ve talked about this in a previous blog post, but it’s worth mentioning again that colors will directly influence shoppers’ decision to buy or not buy a product. Being that summer is all about warmth, your store’s visual merchandising displays should reflect this characteristic by featuring “warm” colors. Red, yellow, orange and variations thereof are all excellent choices for the summer.

Update Your Inventory

Of course, you should also update your store’s inventory so it’s more aligned with the summer season. Retail apparel stores, for instance, can add bathing suits, sandals, flip-flops, tank-tops and other warm-weather clothing to their inventory. Doing so will allow them to implement these seasonal items into their visual merchandising displays, creating a stronger connection with shoppers while subsequently driving more sales in the process. And when the fall season rolls around, you can rotate these items out of your store’s inventory, replacing with more relevant fall-themed items.


Mannequins are an invaluable tool for visual merchandising in the retail world. Store owners can use them to display their products in a more appealing manner, encouraging shoppers to buy them. During the summer, try creating several displays throughout your store featuring mannequins. Some people assume that mannequins are only useful for apparel stores, but this isn’t the case. Even if your store doesn’t sell apparel, you can still use mannequins to effectively present your product.

Summer Discounts

Of course, retailers can always boost sales by offering seasonal summer discounts and promotions. If you look through some of the catalogs of leading retailers, you’ll notice that many of them have similar sales during this time of year. There’s a good reason for this: summer discounts improve shopper engagement and boost sales. So, try implementing discounts and promotions into your store’s visual merchandising displays. This can be easily accomplished using signs, banners and similar displays.

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