Catering Supplies for Every Style

When it comes to catering supplies, presentation and style are equally important as food quality for a catering business. As the summer wedding season draws near, be sure your catering business has the supplies needed to create beautiful, creative, and diverse displays. Our imaginative food and drink display styles raise the bar for the catering industry.

Choosing Catering Supplies

The best way to shop for catering supplies is to ensure your selections are diverse and can be set up for many different styles. Displays should be adaptable and suitable for numerous presentation styles, from barbeques to formal weddings. No two events are the same, so ensure your choice of display reflects this fact.

Counter Top Risers

Metal countertop risers are versatile and can be ever-changing with the help of tabletops décor. When designing a counter or tabletop display, be sure to vary heights. Food served all at one height is lacking in style and doesn’t show off the beauty of your food arrangements. Choose multi-tiered riser sets to display food in an eye-catching manner.

Options for countertop risers are metal and acrylic. Both are reusable and long-lasting materials, but determine which would be best for the type of events your company caters for most often. Is your company known for formal wedding events? Maybe choose more formal metal displays. Do you typically cater barbeques or family reunions? Acrylic might be more appropriate. Remember, both materials can be transformed for use in all events with a little help from surrounding décor.

Floor Risers

Many events require food or drink displays to be scattered throughout the event, not located in one central area. Hors d’oeuvres and self-helping drink stands can be spread throughout an event to divert traffic and avoid congestion at one single point. When shopping for floor risers, be sure the pieces are constructed from unembellished and basic materials for versatility.=

Sign and Menu Holders

New catering businesses sometimes overlook the need for sign, menu, and tabletop card-holders. Large sign-holders are used to display menus at the entrance of a formal event, or at the table for a buffet-style event. Menu signs can be formal or informal, depending on the event style. The sign-holders can also be used to advertise your company or provide other pertinent information, at the request of the event organizer. Purchase at least two or three sign-holding floor stands initially. Most floor stands come in basic black or metal, which are versatile and can be used for different event styles.

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