Are You Making these Mistakes with Your Product Displays?

sale-685007_960_720If you run or otherwise a manage a retail store, you are probably well aware of the importance of maintaining product displays. Whether your store sells clothing, handbags, accessories, electronics, pet supplies or any other consumer goods, you need to display your product in a manner that appeals to shoppers. Unfortunately, many store owners take the wrong approach with their product displays, minimizing the otherwise positive benefits associated with visual merchandising. So, are you guilty of making the following mistakes with your store’s product displays?

Not Changing Product Displays Regularly

Even if your product display is currently attracting shoppers and getting their attention, you will eventually need to change it. Shoppers grow tired of seeing the same display time after time, in which case they’ll ignore it. To prevent this from happening, try to get into the habit of changing your product displays on a regular basis. Shuffling the displays around and using different mannequins and fixtures can make a world of difference, increasing engagement and ultimately generating more sales for your store.

Setting up Displays in Irrelevant Areas

Consider the location of your product displays in relation to the actual product being advertised. A display featuring men’s clothing, for instance, shouldn’t be set up in the women’s clothing department — or vise-versa. Store owners should set up displays in or next to the area in which the product is located. When a shopper sees a product that he or she wants to buy, they’ll search for it near the display. Failure to place the display near the associated product could result in a loss of sales.

No Theme or Story

Every retail product display should center around a theme or story. Remember, you want shoppers to picture themselves using the product. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to design your product displays around a central idea.

Poor Color Combinations

Colors can make or brake a store’s product display. Using too many dark colors, for instance, will draw shoppers’ attention away from the display. Of course, using too many bright colors with no real contrasting element has a similar effect. Choose a color combination for your product displays that’s attractive, eye-catching and matches with the surrounding elements. It may take some trial and error, but you’ll eventually find the perfect combination that works for your store.

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