Visual Merchandising Tips for Shoes

fashion-1284496_960_720Whether your retail store specializes in footwear or simply sells shoes as part of its overall product selection, you’ll want to display them in the most appealing manner possible. When shoes are properly presented, shoppers will be more likely to buy them. Unfortunately, many store owners overlook the importance of visual merchandising, tossing their shoes on a large shelves that offer little-to-no aesthetic appeal. Even if the store generates some sales, chances are it can improve its numbers by practicing some basic visual merchandising steps.


When presenting shoes in a retail store, it’s important to illuminate them with adequate lighting. If there’s little-to-no lighting, shoppers won’t be able to see all of the subtle details; thus, you’ll have a harder time convincing them to purchase the shoes. A simple solution to this problem is to use track lighting to illuminate specific areas of a shoe presentation. Track lighting can be focused to shine its light down onto your shoe displays, enhancing its details while making them more attractive to prospective buyers.

Acrylic Shoe Risers

In addition to using the right lighting, you should also consider using acrylic shoe risers to present your store’s footwear. As the name suggests, acrylic shoe risers are multi-tiered platforms made of transparent acrylic material that’s used to present shoes. Shoes are placed on top of the platforms, allowing shoppers to see them more easily. It’s a relatively simple and inexpensive way to display shoes, but it can make a world of difference in terms of sales and shopper interaction. Acrylic shoe risers capture shoppers’ attention, encouraging them to pick up and try on the shoes. In turn, shoppers are more likely to buy the presented shoe.

Shoe Shelves for Slatwall

Slatwall is among the most versatile types of fixtures for a retail store. It can be used to present a wide variety of products, including shoes. But if you really want to take advantage of slatwall, it’s recommended that you use compatible “shoe shelves.” These shelves are inserted into the slatwall, at which point shoes can be displayed on top. By placing the shoes at or around eye-level, more shoppers will see them. Slatwall shoe shelves are a smart investment for any retail store owner who sells shoes, so make them a part of your visual merchandising strategy.

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