Small Things that can Make a BIG Impact on Retail Sales

iphone-1451614_960_720Do you own or manage a retail store? If so, you should pay close attention to the following elements, because they can have a significant impact on your sales.


Even lighting can affect retail sales. According to some studies, bright lighting in retail stores triggers emotions of honesty and positivity, while also encouraging impulse buying. Consequently, dim lighting has the opposite effect, throwing shoppers off balance while discouraging them from buying the store’s products. This is why it’s important for retailers to use ample lighting throughout their store, using a combination of lamps, overhead fixtures and other lighting solutions.


Don’t underestimate the importance of sound in a retail store. Slow-tempo music triggers relaxation in shoppers, which slows down their rate of shopping and ultimately encourages them to spend more. Furthermore, this leads to greater contact with merchandise, increasing product visibility and sales. Something else to consider when choosing music for your store, however, is its popularity with your target demographic. Ideally, you want to play music that’s popular with your audience; otherwise, it could backfire and actually hurt your efforts to generate sales. As explained by Wikipedia, a retail store that sells apparel for teens should play pop music, as this is the most relevant music for this demographic.


Of course, colors also affect retail environments and their respective sales. Red triggers passion and intensity, whereas blue has a calming effect. White is a neutral color that falls somewhere in the middle. Use color to invoke energy in your shoppers, getting them moving around and browsing your store’s products. Don’t focus your store around any single color, however. Instead, use a combination of colors to encourage more sales.


You might be surprised to learn that scents can affect sales in a retail store. Lavender, for instance, has been shown to ease stress and reduce anxiety, whereas vanilla has a comforting and calming effect Incorporating some of these scents into your store’s environment may have a positive impact on sales. The only way you’ll know, though, is by trying it for yourself. So the next time you decide to make over your store, try adding scents and aromas to the environment.

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