Merchandising Tips for Retail Apparel Stores

hanger-970890_960_720Retail apparel is a dynamic market, ever-changing market that evolves with each passing year. Fashion trends come and go, and as such, retailers must utilize the latest merchandising techniques to appeal to their target audience. So if you’re looking to increase sales, keep reading for some helpful merchandising tips.

Make Your Displays BIG

When it comes to visual merchandising displays in retail apparel stores, bigger displays typically yield a stronger response by shoppers. They are easier to see, making them more effective at capturing shoppers’ attention. And when shoppers see your product displays, you’ll have an easier time converting them into paying customers.

Go Beyond Four Themes

Some apparel retailers stick with four basic themes in their visual merchandising displays: spring, summer, fall and winter. But there’s no rule stating that you must limit yourself to only using seasonal themes such as this. On the contrary, you can reach a larger audience by using other themes. When it’s time for school to start, for instance, try using a back-to-school theme in your designs. Doing so creates a direct connection with parents who are out shopping for new school clothes for their children.

Use Supporting Elements

Details can make or break a visual merchandising display. While this rule holds true for all stores, it’s particularly true for apparel stores. You want to present your apparel products in the most appealing, natural manner possible. To achieve this goal, the right supporting elements must be included. If you are designing a dress display, for instance, add subtle details like high-heeled shoes, bright lights and handbags. This makes the display more relatable to shoppers, which should have positive impact on their purchasing decisions.

Change it Up

Even if your store’s current layout and product designs are having a positive impact on sales, you should still get into the habit of changing them on a regular basis. Over time, shoppers will grow tired of seeing the same designs, which can subsequently lead to an ineffective merchandising strategy. By changing your store’s designs, however, you’ll keep shoppers interested and engaged. So, how often should you change your store’s designs? There’s really no easy answer to this question, as no two apparel stores are the same. With that said, a good rule of thumb is to make at least some changes to your store’s designs every month.

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