Mannequins and forms are essential to any retail clothing store. Melvin S. Roos & Co., Inc. has been supplying female mannequins, child mannequins and male mannequins to retailers for over 50 years. We also carry a wide selection of plastic body forms, jersey covered body forms, padded torso forms, panty forms and leg forms.

Adjustable Hanger Stand


Adjustable Hook Form Stand


Black Jersey Full Shoulder Form -Female


Black Jersey Muscular Shirt Form -Male


Black Jersey Torso Form -Male


Black Jersey Torso Form-Female/Junior


Black Padded Hanging Torso Forms


Black Padded Maternity Form


Blouse Form Set with Brushed Chrome


Blouse Form Set with Natural Wood


Counter Top and Floor Form Stands


Dress Form Set with Brushed Chrome


Dress Form Set with Natural Wood


Female 3/4 Form


Female 3/4 Form with Arms


Form Stand – Floor and Counter Top