Things to Consider When Choosing Mannequins for Your Store

mannequins-235769_960_720The way in which products are displayed in a store will directly impact the customers’ buying decisions. Sure, it’s probably easier to toss apparel on a shelf and call it a day, but this doesn’t present them in the most attractive manner possible. As such, shoppers are less likely to purchase the items. A better solution is to display garments and fashion accessories on a mannequin.

Male or Female

There are several things to consider when choosing mannequins for your store, one of which is gender. Mannequins are available in male, female and unisexual genders. If you operate a store that only sells women’s apparel, you should stick with a female gender mannequins. On the other hand, if your store sells primarily men’s clothing and accessories, male gender mannequins would work best.

Full Body or Partial?

Something else to consider is whether to choose a full-body or partial-body mannequin. Full-body mannequins, as the name suggests, feature an entire body, complete with the torso, head, legs and arms. Partial-body mannequins may only have a torso and head. If you intend use your new mannequin to display jewelry or other small accessories, a partial-body mannequin may suffice. For garments, however, you’ll probably want to stick with a full-body mannequin for maximum benefit.

Are They Adjustable?

Mannequins typically fall under one of two different categories: stationary, meaning their legs and arms cannot be moved, and adjustable, meaning the limbs can be adjusted. Adjustable mannequins are great for creating themes in a window display or throughout your store. Because the arms and legs move, you can create unique poses with your mannequins to capture the attention of shoppers. Keep in mind, however, that adjustable mannequins such as this tend to cost more than their stationary counterpart.

Additional Features

Mannequins have come a long ways over the years. Some of the newer ones are equipped with features like stereo speakers, which can be used to play music in a store.

How Much do They Cost?

Of course, you should consider the price when choosing mannequins for your store. Depending on the brand, size and features, the cost of a new mannequin can range anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to several thousand dollars.

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