Questions You Should Ask When Setting Up Product Displays

Photoxpress_305067Visual merchandising plays a key role in the number of sales a retail store makes. Whether it’s apparel, jewelry, handbags, electronics, pet supplies, or even groceries, the product must be displayed in an appealing manner to entice shoppers to buy it. Simply tossing items in a shelf with no real sense of order or organization is a recipe for disaster. This week, we’re going to discuss some key questions every store owner should ask themselves when setting up new product displays.

Does It Catch My Attention?

Let’s face it, most shoppers don’t visit retail stores with the intention of looking at new product displays. Nine out of ten times, they visit a store with the goal of purchasing a particular product; therefore, you must set up your product displays in a manner that catches shoppers’ attention. Something as simple as the use of a brightly colored red sign with white letters saying “SALE” can instantly draw the attention to your display.

Does It Emphasize The Product?

When you’re busy adding cut-outs and props to your displays, you may overlook its primary purpose: to emphasize the product. Be conscious of your display and how shoppers perceive it. Remember, you want it to draw attention to the product, not the props. Keep the focus of your displays on the product and you’ll notice shoppers are more likely to purchase it.

Does It Accurately Reflect My Store?

Your product displays should follow a general theme that coincides with your store. This doesn’t necessarily mean all of your product displays should look them same, but they should maintain a general sense of cohesion. Creating random displays with unique colors and elements may clash with your store’s decor, creating a negative mood that discourages shoppers from purchasing products.

Is It Intrusive?

A good product display shouldn’t interfere with customers’ normal shopping behavior. It’s not uncommon for store owners to play their displays in areas that obstruct shoppers, forcing them to walk around to reach different departments. The bottom line is that you want to make sure your product displays are out of the aisles and paths that shoppers frequently use.

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