How Color Affects Consumers’ Buying Decisions

hanger-970890_960_720When you’re busy counting inventory, setting up product displays, facilitating customer transactions, and doing the countless number of other tasks that go into running a retail business, it’s easy to overlook the importance of color. Besides, how much of an impact does color really have on shoppers’ decision to buy or not buy a product? The answer might actually surprise you…

Color is the #1 Reason Why Consumers Buy a Product

According to an infographic created by WebPageFX, color is the primary reason why consumers buy a particular product. More specifically, 84.7% of consumers cited color as being the leading factor in their decision to purchase a product. A consumer, for instance, may choose a red dress simply because red is her favorite color, whereas another consumer may be looking for a yellow dress. This alone should be reason enough for retailers to focus more of their efforts and resources on using color throughout their visual merchandising efforts.

Colors Increased Brand Recognition

It’s also worth noting that color can be used to increase brand recognition for retailers and store owners. A separate article published by KISSMetrics found the use of color to yield an 80% increase in brand recognition. Color helps consumers remember retailers and their respective brand elements. A black-and-white logo isn’t exactly memorable, in which consumers may not associate it with the company. But adding color into the logo helps to create a stronger and more memorable design, which is critical to achieving a high level of brand recognition.

The Power of Red

Arguably, one of the most effective colors to entice shoppers to buy a product is red. Red is bright, bold, and visually eye-catching — but it also triggers a visceral reaction among consumers, encouraging them to buy. This sense of urgency associated with red makes it particularly effective when used in visual merchandising. A bright red “SALE” sign, for instance, is guaranteed to catch shoppers’ attention, which should have a positive impact on sales.

The Power of Orange

Another excellent color to use in visual merchandising is orange. Technically a secondary color, orange is associated with warmth, compassion, and impulse buys. Whether it’s used in your store’s layout, signage, marketing material, etc., it will draw shoppers’ attention to various areas while encouraging them to take action.

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