Tips on How To Use End Caps

5124083606_86f54033ef_zEnd caps are shelving components that either attach or rest against the end of a gondola. Most gondolas only feature shelves on their sides, with the ends being open and void of product. By connecting end caps to it, however, retail store owners can maximize their product real estate, boosting sales while simultaneously promoting a better shopping experience.

Draw Shoppers’ Attention

End caps are only effective if shoppers actually stop to look at them. Since most products are stored and displayed down the aisles, shoppers often overlook this component. So, how do you draw their attention back to your end caps? One solution is to set up a large banner and sign. Assuming it’s brightly colored, it will naturally attract shoppers. Another idea is to contact product manufacturers and distributors to see if they have any visual merchandising material they are willing to share with you. Many companies will gladly send retail stores cardboard cutouts and other promotional material to use in their displays.

Large To Small

A good rule of thumb when setting up end caps is to organize your products based on size, with the tallest products sitting on the highest shelf. This will make it easier for shoppers to spot, which subsequently improves the effectiveness of your end cap. Most end caps work in the same manner as gondolas, featuring adjustable shelves that can be rearranged to fit the product. Take a few minutes to adjust the shelves so it makes the best possible use of the given space. Product space is valuable in the retail industry, so you want to make every inch count.

Which Products Should I Display?

There’s really no easy answer to this question, as it depends on a number of different factors, such as your short/long-term goals, your store’s niche, the time of year, etc. With that said, grocery stores often use end caps to display products that are approaching their expiration date. Rather than allowing these products to turn to shrink, the store owner can push sales by displaying them on end caps. Other stores use end caps to display impulse buy products like candy, energy drinks, snacks, seasonal gifts, etc.

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