The Importance of Using The Right Jewelry Display Case

237471_3725Do you own or manage a retail jewelry store? If so, you should check to make sure you are using the right display cases. While many retail businesses rely on display cases to present their products, it’s particularly important for jewelry stores. To learn more about the importance of using the right display case for jewelry, keep reading.

Display cases naturally deter shoplifting. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, shoplifting, employee and employee fraud, was responsible for a global retail loss of $128 billion last year, $42 billion in the US alone. To put this number into perspective, that’s roughly 1.29% of all retail sales. What’s even more alarming is that only a small fraction of shoplifters are ever caught, and even fewer are brought to justice.

While there’s no way to completely prevent shoplifting, you can lower the risk by using display cases. Storing high-dollar rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry behind display cases will deter potential shoplifters. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must store all of your store’s jewelry behind display cases, but the valuable items should be stored here at the very least.

Another reason why you should invest in the right display cases for your jewelry store is because it makes product easier for shoppers to see. It’s often difficult for shoppers to see the subtle nuances in jewelry that distinguishes them from one another. With the help of a back-lit display case, however, the shopper will have an easier time viewing the product’s details. Display cases are often designed with built-in lights for this very reason. Using these lights will enhance jewelry, allowing shoppers to see intricate details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

So, how do you know which display cases to use in your jewelry store? Choose the case that’s best suited for your particular needs and application. Glass and acrylic are the two most popular styles of display cases, both of which offer their own unique advantages. Acrylic is shatter-proof, lightweight and versatile, while glass is resistant to visually appealing and resistant to scratches. In all honesty, however, you really can’t go wrong with either a glass or acrylic display case.

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