Jewelry Display and Presentation 101

wedding-rings-1163321_960_720Retail jewelry is a multibillion-dollar industry that continues to grow larger with each passing year. From diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to bangles, bracelets, earrings and more, consumers will always be searching for new jewelry. But as a store owner, you must present your products in a positive manner that encourages shoppers to buy them. So, here are some jewelry presentation tips to apply in your store.

Use Tiered Displays

Tiered Displays such as the Three-Tier Acrylic Jewelry Display are an excellent addition to any jewelry store. They can be used to display necklaces and bracelets alike, allowing customers to see exactly how the product looks when worn. And because they are made of high-grade acrylic, you can rest assured knowing that it will withstand the hands of time. Acrylic is incredibly strong yet also lightweight, making it the perfect choice for your store’s jewelry displays.


Don’t underestimate the impact that lighting has on your jewelry displays. If shoppers are unable to see the full details of your jewelry, they may not purchase it. A well-lit display will naturally encourage higher sales by illuminating the products so they are more appealing. Consider using a glass or acrylic display case that features a built-in light.


Another helpful tool for store owners is rotating jewelry displays. Carousal-style displays, for instance, are a great way to present multiple products in a more interactive manner. Shoppers can turn the display to see different pieces, which promotes a higher level of engagement while ultimately having a positive impact on sales.

Ring Displays

Rather than placing rings under a traditional flat display, consider using a special ring display in which multiple levels are featured. Not only does this encourage greater visibility of your products, but it also saves space

Protect High-Dollar Jewelry

Of course, store owners should also take precautions to protect their high-dollar products from theft. It’s not something that most jewelry store owners want to think about, but theft is a very real possibility. Statistics show that approximately 1 in 11 people have shoplifted at some point during their lives. To reduce the risk of shoplifting occurring in your store, it’s recommended that you implement security measures like video surveillance, convex mirrors, and an alarm system.

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