Gondola vs Traditional Shelving


Shelving is an essential item that’s necessary for just about any retail store or business. If you plan on selling physical products to customers, you are going to need shelves to display it. One of the decisions you’ll have to make upon starting a retail store is whether to use shelves that are built directly into the walls or gondola shelving. While both of these options will allow you to display products, there are some notable differences between the two that shouldn’t be ignored. Keep reading and we’ll take a closer look at the differences between gondola and traditional built-in store shelving.

Gondola Shelving

Most seasoned and experienced retail store owners will agree that gondola shelving is the best all-around method for storing and displaying products. But what makes them such a popular choice? For starters, gondolas are constructed with easily adjustable shelves designed to fit products of any size. To adjust a shelf on a standard gondola, you simply lift up and pull out. You can then fit the shelf into one of the available notches either lower or higher on the gondola. As a result of these easily adjustable shelves, you’ll be able to fit a greater amount of product throughout your store, maximizing your overall “retail real estate.”

Gondolas can also be easily moved throughout the store, even once they are set up. There are a couple different ways to move a gondola, but the easiest method is to simply slide metal wheels under each end of the unit. Once the wheels are in place, you can then slide the gondola to the desired area in the store. Depending on the size of the gondola, however, you may need a couple extra people on hand to help move it, as some of the larger ones can be quite heavy. Because of their ease of maneuverability, gondolas are the perfect choice for large stores with lots of product to display.

Traditional Shelving

This type of shelving is built directly into the walls and isles without the ability for adjusting. As you can expect, built-in shelving offers less customization offers, making it more difficult to maximize your available store space. Sure, you can store items directly on the shelves, but unfortunately you won’t be able to adjust them to fit the dimensions of your product.

While some stores still prefer traditional built-in shelving, there are far too many benefits associated with gondola shelving. They are easily adjustable, you can move them around, and they are naturally attractive.

I‘s important to first survey the needs of your store or business or determine which type of shelving is right for you. Take into account how many items you’ll need to display and what parts of the store will be used for this purpose. Remember, gondolas provide the added benefit of being able to easily be moved around. If you aren’t happy with their location, slide the wheels underneath them and push them over to a different part of the store.

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