4 Ways To Grab Your Shoppers’ Attention

chart-01Sometimes it takes a little encouragement to turn shoppers into paying customers. If they are simply walking around in ‘browsing’ mode, it’s doubtful they’ll make a purchase. The good news is that you can turn some of these browsing shoppers into customers through the power power of attention-grabbing promotional material and techniques.

#1 – End-Cap Shelving

Using end-caps is a simple and effective way to grab the attention of shoppers in a store. If your store is structured around gondola aisles, you should use end-caps to maximize your available space Far too many store owners overlook this key area, leaving a valuable promotional area unused. End-caps should contain impulse buy items along with products that are drawing near their sell-by date.

#2 – Displays

Setting up a display in your store can also draw the attention of shoppers. Regardless of what your store sells, you should create visual displays throughout your store. This will break up the monotonous look of product lining the shelves, giving shoppers a fresh perspective on what you have to offer. Feel free to read through some of our previous posts on how to set up product displays in a retail environment.

#3 – Sale Signs

Tossing up some promotional sale signs around certain products is sure to create a positive response among shoppers. A bright red “50% Off” sign is hard to ignore, leading to more sales. Don’t limit yourself to just a single sign, but instead place several up around the particular product area. Your goal is to drive as much attention to the area as possible.

#4 – Intercom Announcements

A fourth idea for grabbing shoppers’ attention is to use intercom announcements. You’ve probably heard employees in national grocery stores alert shoppers of certain sales and promotions. Well, you can practice this same technique in your retail store. As long as you have an intercom installed, you should use it to grab the attention of shoppers. Just hop on the intercom once in a while to tell shoppers about products and items that are on sale. When you are speaking over the intercom, try to create a sense of urgency so customers will act now. You can do this by saying the deal will end in 15 or 30 minutes.

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