3 Tips for Creating a Stunning Window Display

tailor-633102_960_720As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression” holds true in the retail industry. When a new shopper approaches your store, he or she will likely see your window display first. Depending on how it’s designed, this can either help or hurt your efforts to convert the shopper into a paying customer. To increase your chances of success, you should follow these tips for creating a stunning retail window display.

Choose a Theme

We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that an effective retail window display should feature some type of central idea or theme. By maintaining a sense of cohesion throughout the display, it will create a more engaging display to which shoppers can relate. If you are creating a window display for a party store, for instance, you could design your window display around a costume theme in which mannequins are dressed in various costumes.

Make it Bold

Want to know the secret to creating a stunning window display? It involves using bold colors and elements to catch shoppers’ attention. Shoppers grow tired of seeing the same boring window displays time and time again. As such, they may instinctively avoid them the next time they go shopping. But unless shoppers look at your window display, it’s not going to prove beneficial in attracting more sales.

You can capture shoppers’ attention, however, by designing your window display with bold elements. Red and yellow “FOR SALE” signs against a contrasting background is an excellent way to accomplish this.

Adjust the Lighting

Lighting (or lack thereof) will play a key role in the effectiveness of your store’s window displays. Poorly lit displays aren’t going to have the same effect on shoppers as well-lit displays. If lighting is a problem, consider installing additional fixtures to help illuminate it. Some of the different lighting options available for window displays includes traditional overhead fixtures, track lighting, wall sconce, or even miniature chandeliers. Remember, choose lighting that’s flows cohesively with the rest of the display for a maximum level of shopper engagement.

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