Slatwall Tips and Tricks for Retail Stores

fashion-1031469_960_720Slatwall is an invaluable tool for retail store owners and visual merchandisers. They allow stores to display product in a more appealing and efficient manner, resulting in higher sales. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to use slatwall. For some essential tips and tricks on how to effectively use slatwall in your store, keep reading.

Choose a Color that Matches Your Store’s Decor

When shopping for slatwall, it’s recommended that you choose a color that matches your store’s existing decor. If your store has a rustic maple decor, then you should stick with a similar style of slatwall. Some store owners assume that slatwall is only available in a single “brown” color, but this isn’t the case. You can find it several different colors, including maple, cherry, paint grade, and white melamine.

Leave Space in Front

One of the reasons why slatwall is such a popular fixture for retail stores is because it maximizes space by leveraging the power of the walls. Rather than leaving your walls plain, you can hang up shirts, jackets, dresses or other products — assuming there’s slatwall present. But if you intend to use slatwall for this purpose, you need to leave clearance in front, keeping it clean and free of any product or fixtures. Cluttering the front of your slatwall with products may restrict shoppers from accessing it, in which case it’s going to prove beneficial in driving new sales.

Measure Products Before Hanging

Try to get into the habit of measuring the size of your products before hanging them on slatwall. Ideally, you want to leave just an inch or two of space between each product hanging from your slatwall. If there’s too much space between your products, it will not only look awkward, but it also restricts your ability to display other products. Using a measuring tape, identify the height and width of your product, using this information to plan your slatwall display in the most efficient manner possible.

Go High

Hanging product high on the slatwall can yield a higher level of visibility, as shoppers throughout the store may see it regardless of their location. When a product is hung at eye-level, only shoppers who are nearby will see it. Granted, shoppers may need assistance to retrieve products placed high on slatwall, but this is a simple yet effective strategy for drawing attention to high-end products like coats, jackets and dresses.

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