Preparing Your Retail Store for the Holidays

8085629858_be68d12232_zWith the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to prepare for the “retail rush.” According to Wikipedia, U.S. shoppers spend more than $600 billion during this time of year, which translates into roughly $767 per consumer. So if you’re looking to capitalize on this trend, you should follow the tips outlined below.

Hire Additional Staff

Don’t underestimate the increase of foot traffic that your retail store will receive during the holidays. The months of November and December yield the greatest amount of shoppers for retail businesses, which is why it’s recommended that you hire additional staff. More employees means faster checkout times and greater customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it will help to reduce the risk of injury, as staff members will have an easier time controlling large crowds.

Stock Up on Inventory

Retailers should also stock up on inventory to prepare for the holiday rush. If there’s a strong demand for a particular product, go ahead and order a surplus of it. Waiting until you run out the product to place another order will end up costing you sales — lots of sales during the holidays. To prevent headaches such as this from occurring in your store, stock up on popular products for the holidays.

Consider Changing Your Store Hours

Another tactic that can help maximize holiday sales is to change your store hours. Perhaps you can open a few hours earlier and close a few hours later. Those extra hours can yield additional sales, so long as you have the staff and resources necessary for the change.

Create Attractive Product Displays

Of course, the right product displays will go a long ways in boosting your store’s holiday sales. If your store sells footwear, for instance, consider using shoe risers to present them in a more attractive manner. Whether it’s acrylic or metal, shoe risers offer a simple yet effective way to display shoes. The shoes are elevated on a platform-like riser, increasing their visibility for shoppers.

Offer Special Deals and Promotions

With tens of thousands of retailers vying for consumers’ business during the holidays, it’s paramount that retailers offer special deals and promotions. It’s not uncommon for retailers to offer 50% off more or more during this time of year. Other incentives to attract customers may include buy-one-get-one-free offers, store credit vouchers towards future purchases, free giveaways, and more.

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Creative Ways To Display Shoes In Your Store

Photoxpress_2876739According to data presented by the National Shoe Retailers Association (NSRA) and the Census Bureau, consumers in the U.S. spend approximately $20 billion annually on footwear. Shoes are an essential item that every man, woman and child needs, which is why this industry is so large. But one of the hurdles faced by shoe stores is trying to display their product in an attractive manner. Due to their small size and unique characteristics, you can’t display them in the same manner as traditional garments.

The good news is that there are several solutions available for displaying shoes and footwear in a retail store. Whether you own a dedicated shoe store or a clothing store that including shoes, you should experiment with different ways to display them. The right display can make a world of difference, driving more shoppers through the door while subsequently boosting your store’s sales and revenue.

If you aren’t using shoe risers in your retail store, you’re missing out on one of the easiest and most effective ways to showcase footwear. As the name suggests, a shoe “riser” is essentially a raised platform on which shoes are displayed. Shoe risers vary in size, shape and material, with slanted acrylic/plastic being the most popular. So, what’s the purpose of a shoe riser? Displaying footwear on the ground level isn’t exactly appealing. In fact, most shoppers will walk right by it without taking notice. However, lifting it just slightly off the floor with a shoe riser will grab shoppers’ attention.

Another option for displaying shoes involves the use of shelving (see photo above). This is arguably the easiest way to display a large number of shoes, allowing store owners to maximize their available space. The only downside is that it doesn’t create the same connection with the shopper as shoe risers. A good rule of thumb is to place top-selling shoes on risers and the remaining footwear stock on shelves.

In case you were wondering, men’s athletic shoes are the single most popular type of shoes purchased in the U.S., accounting for an estimated 20% of the market, while women’s casual shoes come in a close second at 17%, followed by women’s dress shoes at 13%.

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