Comparing The Different Types of Retail Wall Fixtures

Photoxpress_2135925Wall fixtures are an excellent way to display products in a retail store without taking up an unnecessary amount of space. Rather than placing large, bulky fixtures directly in the middle of the store, owners can place space-saving fixtures up against the wall to take full advantage of their store’s ‘real estate.’ In turn, this allows store owners and managers to display a greater amount of product while maintaining a clean, customer-friendly environment.


Pegboard is one wall-based display solution that many retail stores and businesses use. Some of the nation’s top grocery store chains use it to display products, but other stores can take advantages of the versatility behind pegboard as well. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and you rearrange the product to maximize the available space. If a particular product doesn’t fit, just pull the hook out of the pegboard and reposition it in a manner so it does.


While pegboard is one solution for a retail wall fixture, slatwall is another idea. Unlike pegboard, slatwall is produced with more of an emphasis on aesthetics; therefore, it’s a better wall fixture for stores trying to achieve a well designed interior decor. From afar, slatwall looks similar to a sheet of authentic hardwood. Once you inspect it up close, however, you’ll notice there are several horizontal lines running down it. These ‘lines’ allow for the attachment of product display hooks. You simply snap the hook into the horizontal indention and fill it with the appropriate product.


A third solution for retail wall fixtures is gridwall. Some people assume that slatwall and gridwall refer to the same type of fixture, but this isn’t the case. While they share some similar characteristics, there are notable differences between the two. Slatwall is manufactured to mimic the look of hardwood, allowing it to easily blend in to some store’s decor. Gridwall, on the other hand, features a basic metal grid design (hence the name). You can find gridwall available in traditional metallic chrome, white and black colors.

There’s no single ‘best’ solution for retail wall fixtures. Since each and every retail store is unique, you’ll need to identify the needs of your store to determine which one will work the best. Consider the fixture’s ability to display your product along with its effect on the decor. Ideally, you want to choose a fixture that easily holds your product while blending into your store’s color palette and decor.

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