Silver Powder Coating vs Chrome Plating: What’s The Difference?

feature-2-470x470 When shopping for new store fixtures, you’ll probably come across the terms “silver powder coating” and “chrome plating.” Based on their appearance alone, it’s often difficult to distinguish between the two. However, silver powder coating and chrome plating are two unique techniques used in the construction of store fixtures (among other things), featuring their own respective characteristics. To learn more about the difference between silver powder coating and chrome plating, keep reading.

Powder Coating

As the name suggests, silver powder coating is a technique that involves the application of fine silver particles over a given object or surface. While the exact process varies depending on the manufacturer, powder coating is typically applied by projecting the silver powder particles towards the fixture using a standard spray. However, what makes powder coating different is that it integrates the uses an electrostatic charge to accelerate the rate at which the silver powder particles are projected; thus, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient workpiece.

After the silver powder particles have been projected on the fixture, the fixture is cured under to heat. This allows the coating to form a skin-like layer on top, as well as an attractive mattee or flat finish, adding further aesthetic value to the fixture.

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating (also referred to as chromium plating or simply chrome) involves the application of chromium on a metal or plastic object through a process known as electroplating. An electric current is passed through the metal to reduce dissolved metal cations, which subsequently produces a more uniform, and visually appealing look. A thin layer of chromium is applied to the object’s surface, creating a shiny metallic finish with reflective properties.

It’s important to note that electroplating may alter the physical properties of the workpiece, improving its tensile strength, durability, or even making it corrosion resistant.

Now for the million-dollar question: should I choose silver powder-coated store fixtures or chrome-plated fixtures? Don’t get caught up in the technical jargon of these two techniques, but instead choose the fixture based on its appearance, application and function. There’s no “best” type of fixture finish, as both chrome plating and silver powder coating have their own unique advantages. Hopefully, this post will give you a better understanding of them and how they work.

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