Gridwall Faceouts And Hooks


Product Description

Gridwall retail display panels, faceouts and hooks from Melvin S. Roos.

A. 2″ Long Pilaster Gridwall Hook Faceout with 1 3/4″ End Puck – Available in Black Only.

B. 12″ Long Lingerie Rod Faceout with 1 1/4″ End Puck – Available in Chrome, White, and Black.

C. Item is No Longer Available.

D. 16″ Square Tubing Slant 3/4″ x 3/4″ Square (7 Ball) – Available in Chrome, White and Black.

E. 16″ 5 Hook Slant Faceout with Square Tubing – Available in Chrome, White, and Black.

Additional Information


A. 2″l Pilaster Hook -18319E, B. 12″ Lingerie Rod 18063(letter varies with finish), D. 16″ 7 Ball Square Slant 18057(letter varies with finish), E. 16″ 5 Hook Square Slant 18060(letter varies with finish)

Color Finish

Black, Chrome, White