Clamps and Stems – 3/8” Fittings


Product Description

All acrylic sign holder displays and metal sign holder display clamps and stems shown have 3/8″ fittings.

A. Rectangular screw-on sign holder clamp – item is no longer available

B. Universal screw-on clamp.

C. Square spring clamp-fits 1″ square tubing.

D. Rectangular spring clamp-fits 1/2 rectangular tubing.

E. 3/8″ stems are threaded at both ends-12″, 6″, or 3″ long.

F. One squared end (Trimlock) and one threaded end-6″ or 3″ long.

Additional Information


A. Rect. Screw-on Clamp 58087C, B. Universal Screw-on Clamp 58311C, C. Square Spring Clamp- 1″ Sq. Tubing 58049C, D. Rect. Spring Clamp – 1/2″ Rect. Tubing 58117C, E. 3/8″ Stem Threaded Ends 12″ 58048C, E. 3/8″ Stem Threaded Ends 3″ 58088C, E. 3/8″ Stem Threaded Ends 6″ 58047C, F. One Trimlock/One Threaded 3″ 58090C, F. One Trimlock/One Threaded 6″ 58091C

Color Finish